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Hi I am Matthias

a Tech & Blockchain Enthusiast who is doing a lot of research in future technologies. I want to share my ideas, experiences, and methods with you. How will future tech evolve and how can you benefit from that? Scientific papers are also analyzed so it is scientifically checked.

Join that journey and tell me your ideas.


  • What will our lives look like in relation to technology in the future?
  • What will your job look like in the future?
  • What will technology (standard) look like in 10 years?
  • High-Performance Computing and the context of Edge AI


  • Crypto and Blockchain Education
  • Exploration of AI Tools - big and small
  • Future ways to generate passive income
  • Evolution of future tech scientifically checked
  • Shared experience and ideas

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  • I would like to take YOU with me on this journey and look forward to your participation
  • Together with YOU I would like to develop ideas that can give everyone a good impression/vision.
  • Tell me your ideas, experiences and thoughts

Let's chat about our future tech.

[email protected] or ‭+49 151 70414413‬

Sowing the seeds of a better tomorrow. Our chance to change the tech life in better directions.


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